It’s been an amazing two years since I brought Benji home to his forever home in South West London from Dogs Trust Harefield.

Our story begins on the 15th March 2018, one of the team at the centre had his file and wanted us to meet, warning he’s a nervous boy, still newish to the centre but loves other dogs and needs a loving home – and he’d been nicknamed Timberwolf by one of the ladies because of his looks.  Having experience with fostering huskies before, this seemed too good to be true. I held my breath.

The minute I saw him walk through the gate to the play area I fell head over heels for that sweet face.  He was nervous, but curious.  Eventually he got braver to come and say hello, taking treats very gently, when I bent down to say hello, he gave me a little kiss – I melted.

We left it there for the day to avoid him being overwhelmed, and we took a breather, I knew though, no matter how hard it would be – this is my boy. 

On Tuesday 10th April, my 18-month-old Siberian and I were officially a family, we took that first journey after he said a farewell to his carers Cassie and Charlotte, who had taken such great care of him, and jumped into the car excitedly.

He was calm and rested his head on my shoulder during the drive, something he now does each time. We got home and he explored his new home and we settled in.

It wasn’t all easy going, the first walk we took at home I got overwhelmed, he was excited and pulling so hard I couldn’t control him. I feared I wouldn’t be able to walk him, and my heart sank at the thought of not being enough for him. But the next day he was fine, and we’ve worked on his walk.

With Benji being so nervous, I was told he may never be a cuddler, he tackled that hurdle when he climbed onto my bed and curled up next to me the next day – where he’s been happily snuggling since – sometimes taking up all the room in fact – it’s HIS bed now.

Later that week, he had his first interactions with some of his now, human best friends, whilst nervous he was good as gold, and happily took the attention – one thing that is clear, Benji is happiest when people tell him he’s is a beautiful boy!

Since then, he’s grown from strength to strength, he has more friends than I do, he loves a visit to a pub (as long as it’s not overly busy or crowded), he loves a car ride, he sits with his head out the back window watching the cars behind us. 

He always has loved other dogs, especially puppies, he knows instinctively how to adapt his playing with a smaller dog, older dogs, and to similar high energy nut jobs like him. He’s everyone’s favourite playmate at the park!

We’ve both got stronger, but unless he gets excited, he walks nicely, he’s a gentle boy who’s now confident with new people, on his own terms.

We go on adventures, we watch rugby at the pub, and he’s a right poser when the camera comes out!He’s changed our world for the better, and I couldn’t imagine life without him, and I look forward to years more of adventures together.

Benji’s favourite things: Teddy bears, running, lazing in the sun, pub time, park play, dogs of all sizes and he’s a mama’s boy for sure.

Would I recommend adopting a dog versus buying? Yes 100% – the bond is like nothing else, and he’s like a different boy.

Benji is now a healthy, confident, gentle – yet strong, and affectionate 3 ½ year old 30kg Siberian Husky – with lots of human and dog friends, a booming social life, and all the toys and treats a boy could ask for. 

This blog was written in Spring 2020 for Dogs Trust Harefield, requested as one of their success stories after they saw his happy updates on Instagram.

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